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Corporate Client -
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Our client is a very busy, very time poor foreign investment firm. They travel frequently and they had booked via any available portal, usually at the last minute and often would require last minute changes and amendments. They also arrange for overseas clients to visit Australia. They wanted the fastest way to get things done, however this came at a very large cost. They didn’t realise they could save significant money, time and effort.
So, we instigated our 360 Travel 24/7 Concierge Platform. This enabled our client to have access to us 24/7, eliminating the need to do work themselves and usually at a high cost. They had access to our portal from any device which enabled a 1 stop shop. We tailored the corporate booking policy to suit the clients’ needs and tailored the portal to accommodate this. As we are not aligned to any airline group, we were able to negotiate corporate discounts across most airlines which exceeded the expectations of our clients. We also set up access to our 360 Travel Portal so inbound clients could also access the pre-arranged corporate rates.
  • Between 7-12% savings across air policy due to no commissions and negotiated fares
  • Increased productivity due to being able to book/request bookings anytime, anywhere
  • Reduced change fees + lost fares due to booking the incorrect class at last minute etc
  • An average of 5-12% saving across hotels and car hire due to no commissions and negotiated fares + added bonus items such as breakfast and free Internet as part of our new 'Latitude Club'' Benefits - Monthly spend and traveller reporting to help plan better booking habits and reduce excess spend
  • Monthly saving reports to clearly see total cost savings across policy
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